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Interview With A Blackjack Pro: 'I Still Win Playing 21 In Las Vegas'

John Navin So, I asked him about it and here’s the conversation: John Navin: Steve, last I heard, the counter measures taken by the major casinos had made it much tougher to win...but you still hit the tables and win. What's going on? Blackjack Pro: Well, the casinos have become much more cautious since the 2008 economic crisis. That affected business everywhere and the gaming industry was no exception. The top bet allowed at 21 used to be 25,000. Those days are over. Top bet these days is 400 or 500 a hand, more than that and the casino manager is called over and the action pretty much stops. Being the biggest bettor at the table didn't used to attract quite the attention that it does now. Navin: Are you playing more on the Strip or downtown?

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Gambler loses staggering 1.7million jackpot after system glitch on Betfred blackjack game

Gambler loses staggering £1.7million jackpot after system glitch on Betfred blackjack game Andy Green, 51, racked up a £2,500 bill treating pals to celebrate his win - only to be told it was a mistake A GAMBLER claims ­Betfred failed to pay him a £1.7million jackpot — then offered him £60,000 to keep quiet. Andy Green, 51, said he “cried with joy” when staff initially confirmed his win. Gambler Andy Green thought he'd won £1.7million playing the Betfred game But he was later told a systems glitch on a new blackjack game meant he had not won after all. Andy said: “I thought it was a joke. I was in total shock that it had been snatched away from me through no fault of my own.” Andy said he was in "total shock" to be told he hadn't won after all He had started playing Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven on his phone with £100 and playing £2.50 hands. Six hours later he was betting £375 per hand before hitting the jackpot of £1,722,923.54.

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